More About Us

Let us help you help yourself:

About a decade ago, when we started, we knew there was lacuna, a void that we needed to fill. There were specialized institutes that could help you with treatment that related to your physical body parts but there was none that has the specialization to treat medical conditions that hamper the full enjoyment of the lovely gift from the Almighty – Sex.

Physical incapacities abound:

There are everyday cases of men who just cannot get their erections right and even though this classifies as genuine case to be referred to a sex physician, we realized that that the trauma and the torturous feelings of the incapacities was scarring the patient’s life and not helping him to still enjoy great sex even after the problem was set right.

These are the cases we handle:

Such cases of prolonged incapacities need to be carefully handles. The patients need to be counseled one on one and then a remedy be sought wherein the person can go back to have fruitful relationships with his partners.

Our therapies help:

When we start the patients on therapy the results are very encouraging and the patients jump start and achieve great results in a matter of first three or four months itself. The results are encouraging to us as well and helps us push us to do our best as well get motivated by such positive results.

It is always a good idea to enjoy great sex:

Patients with ideas such s sex is a sin and also the guilt stricken ones need immediate therapy and counseling, if there is any one you know out there please refer them to us and we can help them feel better. In fact, there is no better thing that enjoying great sex and greater sexual health.

Do not be afraid to seek help:

If there is a problem, there are bound to be solutions. So don’t shell up and cocoon yourself. You need to reach out to the right people who will lead you by hand to a better place. You need to seek questions to the answers bothering you. You need to be able to bring yourself out and live your life like a big shot!